default-information originate vs default-originate

default-information originate vs default-originate

router bgp
default-information originate
[if default route present in routing table then its can be redistribute default route to downstream]

rotuer bgp
neighbor x.x.x.x default-originate
[no need default route in routing table, its generate for specific neighbor]

default-information originate **** used in ospf,bgp***


the only purpose of the “default-information originate” command in BGP is to allow the redistribution of the default route in BGP. It doesn’t generate the default route as it is the case for OSPF.

The “neighbor default-originate” command on the other hand, does advertise the default route to the specific neighbor whether it is present in BGP or not.

In the case of BGP, if you are using the “default-information originate” the default route must be in the routing table, but if using the “neighbor x.x.x.x default-originate” in front of a neighbor the default route doesn’t need to be in the routing table.

While OSPF has the always keyword, BGP doesn’t.

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