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Optical power budget

Optical power budget FTTx Optical Power budget Fiber attenuation Splice loss Connector (Adapter) quantity Splitter Length of fiber Name   Avg. Loss (db) Splice loss 0.1 Connector loss Adapter 0.2 Cable (Commonly G.625) 1310nm...

BDCOM OLT User Privilages 0

BDCOM OLT User Privilages

Nowadays BDCOM OLT,onu are most popular for GPON Technology. few times we need to create various types of user privilages, now we will see some example for show onu status and onu optical status...

BDCOM OLT Basic Configuration 0

BDCOM OLT Basic Configuration

BDCOM OLT,ONU basic configuration Username: admin Password:admin Switch>enable Switch>config Uplink port configure: interface GigaEthernet0/1 description UPLINK switchport mode trunk OLT vlan configuration: Switch_config#vlan 1-1000 [user requirement] OLT IP Configuration: interface VLAN1 ip address